Latino Connection, PPO&S Announce Merger

Organizations to unite under the name Color & Culture with the shared mission to innovate culturally-relevant brands for today’s marketplace.

HARRISBURG – Effective November 1, 2022, the Harrisburg-based firms of Latino Connection and PPO&S Integrated Marketing Communications will merge under the corporate name of Color & Culture, Inc. This union combines 40 years of marketing and advertising experience with transformative energy and innovation to reach the multicultural marketplace.

George Fernandez, current CEO of Latino Connection, will become CEO of the combined firm of 30 marketing, communications and mission-driven professionals. Under his leadership, Color & Culture aims to establish a new standard for cultural intelligence, powered by vast expertise and dynamic relationships.  Leveraging the unique strengths of each organization, the new entity of Color & Culture will transform how clients reach Pennsylvania’s fastest growing markets by placing culture and community first.

“Color & Culture brings together a vibrant vision for the future of marketing and communications where we are innovating culturally-relevant brands for today’s marketplace,” said George Fernandez, Color & Culture CEO. “Latino Connection has carved out a unique niche in multicultural marketing, and with the combined talent and expertise of PPO&S, we are poised to launch this concept to ambitious new heights.”

“Both companies have a heritage of reaching and driving Pennsylvanians to take action through relevant and compelling communications, especially with hard-to-reach audiences,” said Virginia Roth, Chief Brand and Strategy Officer for the newly-combined firm. “This first-of-its-kind agency meets a surging demand for brands who want to take a proactive approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of their outreach strategies.”

Color & Culture companies will help clients reach all markets, all cultures, and all communities with relevant and compelling communications. At this time, both offices of Latino Connection and PPO&S will continue operating out of their respective locations with their existing teams. For more information, please visit

About the Color & Culture Companies

Latino Connection is Pennsylvania’s premier marketing and communications agency that launches brands into the country’s most powerful multicultural market. With a passionate mission to educate and support the Latino community, Latino Connection has developed a non-traditional approach to strategic communications assignments, marketing and PR, high-quality translation and digital media campaigns. Since its founding more than 40 years ago, PPO&S has developed into one of the most successful advertising and communications practices in the region. Today PPO&S is a full-service, integrated marketing communications firm with an award-winning reputation for conducting marketing and advertising campaigns for a variety of private sector and mission-driven clients. PPO&S has a longstanding reputation for its client service and collaboration, along with its research-based approach to developing measurable solutions, particularly in working on issues requiring public involvement and outreach.

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