Public Health Programming

The CDC foundation defines Public Health as “…the science of protecting and improving the health of people and their communities.”

Latino Connection aims to do its part in protecting the public health of vulnerable populations and communities through the planning and implementation of educational programs that reduce health disparities.

Our Public Health Program Planning is a process that includes a series of steps: 

  1. Identify and/or define the problem whether it be meeting the community’s need or the company’s need
  2. Create and develop a plan that includes evidence-based tactics and research; while adhering to organizational vision
  3. Implement the program and collect data and measurements during the execution phase
  4. Evaluate and reassess the program once completed in order to improve results
  5. Restructure the program for the next phase


Overall, public health education programs have been known to address large problems in diverse communities but require a case-by-case analysis in order to promote success. For this reason, national programs can work well in many settings but struggle in others due to the need for a more complex implementation. Latino Connection has experience in evaluating initiatives, measuring how likely they will be effective in vulnerable communities and building a stronger operation in light of different social determinants.  We make it a point to research before, document during and reassess after to achieve successful outcomes for the community and stakeholders. 

Our team recognizes the significance of Healthy People 2020; thus we aim to keep in mind the MAP-IT framework to develop public health programs: Mobilize, Assess, Plan, Implement, Track.

From the Healthy People 2020 model, we ask ourselves: 

  • What are the vision and mission?
  • Who are the potential partners (organizations and businesses) in the community?
  • What resources do we have and what resources do we need?
  • Who will execute the goal?
  • What can we do better?
  • Are we evaluating our work?

Brands Served

  • PA Department of Health 
  • Health Promotion Council
  • Diabetes Prevention Program