Vaping Prevention Resources for Schools: A Virtual Learning Collaborative

The Latino Connection Tobacco Prevention and Control Team, Roxbury Treatment Centers, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health hosted a webinar about how nicotine and vaping impact students and schools.

Guest speaker Matthew Null, Community Relations Representative at Roxbury Treatment Center, presented his research titled, “Vaping Prevention Resources for Schools: A Virtual Learning Collaborative.


  • Examine current data and trends about vaping.
  • Understand how vaping impacts student behavior and academic performance.
  • Discuss challenges to course instruction, school administration, and operation.
  • Share best practices, successful strategies and approaches.
  • Take a restorative justice, healthcare and supportive approach, instead of punishment.
  • Design and implement vape-free school and alternative to suspension policies.
  • Access prevention and treatment resources for schools and parents.
    • Student education programs and curricula (e.g. Catch My Breath, INDEPTH, NOT)
    • Printouts, posters, toolkits
    • Student Assistance Programs
    • Training opportunities for school professionals
    • Youth-led programs (e.g. Tobacco Resistance Unit)
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