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Latino Connection™ provides translation and interpretation services to meet a wide variety of business and personal needs.

Our professional team is experienced, trustworthy, and reliable. Whether a government document, corporate report or personal correspondence, our highly skilled team of certified translators and interpreters work with you to ensure that your message is clearly conveyed.

  • B2B Support
  • Certified in Education and Healthcare Translations and Interpretations
  • Personal Document Translations (birth certificates, tax documents, marriage licenses)

Brands Served

  • BSI
  • Harrisburg School District
  • American Eagle
  • Family Health Council of Central PA
  • Graphics & Design
  • Highmark
  • Team Scotti
  • Partners & Napier
  • Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation
  • Giant Foods
  • WellSpan


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Latino Connection’s Worry-Free Look Revision
We know and understand that things can change in the workplace! That’s the reason why we include a ten-page review for up to twenty-four months for all projects.

Bank of Hours

A prepaid bank of hours for high-quality translations and interpretations allows you to save time and money.

As the client, you submit projects via our online project request form on our website. Our stock rate for one-page translation ranges from $125–$175. With a prepaid bank of hours, we are able to offer you a better rate.

Bank of Hours: All banks of hours are valid for one year and include a 24-month free look revision period, starting from the date of project completion.

Min. Numbe of Hours Discounted Rate Additional Hours
200 $ 95.00 $ 100.00
500 $ 85.00 $ 90.00
Most popular
1000 $ 80.00 $ 85.00

Whatever your goal We will get you there


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