Latino Connection Captures Four High-Profile Awards for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives

A number of recent cause-marketing initiatives incepted and produced by Latino Connection earned multiple, top-honors from the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts and the International Competition for Marketing and Communication Professionals.

Latino Connection, a social determinants of health marketing and communications firm specializing in reaching multicultural communities, became a two-time winner in the 2021 Davey Awards competition, and was also recognized by two MarCom Awards, the agency reported. Panels of judges from the two, independent competitions reviewed nearly 8,000 submissions to ultimately recognize an elite selection of initiatives that have shaped our communities through powerful, creative work. 

Conducted annually, the Davey Awards represent the largest and most prestigious awards competition dedicated to the “Davids of Creativity,” or marketing and creative agencies that are fueled by big ideas, not just sheer size or spending power. This year marked the 17th edition and was the fourth, consecutive year in which Latino Connection captured multiple top honors.

Latino Connection’s Davey-Award-winning initiatives for 2021 include:

The MarCom Awards honors excellence in marketing and communication while recognizing the creativity, hard work, and generosity of industry professionals and is one of the largest, most-respected creative competitions in the world. Here again, Latino Connection earned awards in consecutive years, adding two new top-honors to their existing awards from 2019 and 2020.

Latino Connection earned two MarCom Awards for 2021 which include:

“To be honored with these awards is so much more than just a pat on the back. This provides a high-profile, global forum for showcasing the exceptional innovative and collaborative work being done by agencies across the nation, like ours,” said George Fernandez, Founder and CEO of  Latino Connection. “Our company’s drive for innovation fuels a continuing pursuit of new community outreach initiatives, and so we derive a special satisfaction from being recognized for excellence on such prominent stages.”

Headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Latino Connection operates a fast-growing, multi-brand portfolio that every year partners with thousands of nonprofit and for-profit organizations, within and beyond Pennsylvania’s borders, that collectively impact millions of individuals who make up the nation’s small and diverse communities.

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