Powerful Woman

Powerful Woman is a women-focused wellness initiative powered by Latino Connection in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control’s WISEWOMAN program. 

In 2018, the Pennsylvania Department of Health approached Latino Connection to pilot a program modeled on the national program WISEWOMAN (Well-Integrated Screening and Evaluation for Women Across the Nation) framework. We designed and implemented a distinctive Cardiovascular Risk Prevention program targeting, primarily, underserved Hispanic/Latino and Black women. What sets this initiative apart is its comprehensive approach, which not only promotes proper nutrition and physical activity to its participants, but also emphasizes the importance of having a strong, positive self-esteem. This holistic focus which addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of wellness, helps mitigate the risks that frequently contribute to cardiovascular diseases.

We believe that every woman has what it takes to succeed! All they need is the tools to make it happen! POWERFUL WOMAN is dedicated to educating, inspiring, encouraging, and empowering all women to take control of their lives and make informed choices about their health.


Powerful Woman aimed to:

  • Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease among women through early detection, risk factor management, and lifestyle interventions. 
  • Promote healthy eating, increased physical activity, and smoking cessation, therefore encouraging healthier lifestyles.
  • Improve healthcare access and follow-up services for underserved, uninsured, and underinsured women.
  • Educate participants on how to manage potential health risks and support them in making sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • Track the program’s impact and effectiveness through ongoing monitoring and evaluation of health metrics.

What We Did

Latino Connection held approximately 15-20 recruiting outings and/or resource table events in  Reading, Lancaster, Chambersburg, and York, where we partnered with local organizations, hospitals, and small clinics to identify key community events and locations such as bodegas, beauty salons, mini-markets, and restaurants for targeted outreach activities. We also implemented digital outreach strategies using social media and ads on VIBRO screens.

  • Our Community Health Workers approached and engaged with over 150 women per outing.
  • Recruited 100+ women who provided follow-up contact information 
  • Administered intake surveys and measurements on-site at many outing events using Rico, a Latino Connection mobile health and wellness unit designed to enrich the community and present health information in a fun and interactive way.

Program Implementation

Once the recruitment was completed, Latino Connection provided enrolled participants a 22-week-long Lifestyle Program consisting of educational sessions 

Our Community Health Workers (CHWs) played a critical role before, during, and after the program:

  • Conducting telephonic coaching sessions with each recruited/enrolled woman to prepare them for the program.
  • Creating and managing a support group chat to share updates, reminders, and healthy recipes.
  • Being present at each individual session to build and maintain quality connections with participants.
  • Collecting weekly measurements including weight, glucose levels, blood pressure, and BMI (with one or more measurements taken per session).

This structured approach enabled continuous engagement with participants, ensuring tailored support with each woman involved.

How We Helped

  • Educated each participant on managing cardiovascular disease risks and making healthier lifestyle choices.
  • Promoted access to healthcare assisting participants in making doctor appointments, ensuring they received the necessary medical care and follow-up.
  • Connected women with vital resources such as food pantries, community programs, and support services.
  • Helped women understand and read their prescriptions, promoting adherence to medication regimens
  • ​​Guided participants in applying for essential benefits like health insurance and food stamps, improving their access to healthcare and nutritional support.


From 2018 to 2023, Powerful Woman has positively impacted more than one hundred women across Pennsylvania.

Taking Empowerment Far and Beyond

After 5 years of successfully helping vulnerable women reach their healthiest version, Powerful Woman LIVE was born. Evolving from the Powerful Woman program, with the mission of educating, entertaining, and motivating women towards healthier living, Powerful Woman LIVE takes wellness far and beyond hosting quarterly community events all over the state of Pennsylvania. To date, we have successfully held four events: two in Reading and two in Lancaster. We are now preparing for our fifth event in Hazleton and an upcoming event in New Jersey.

The Powerful Woman LIVE events have positively impacted over 1,000 participants, who engaged in various workshops and sessions led by professionals on crucial topics such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, financial health, nutrition, physical beauty, and mental and spiritual well-being. Additionally, attendees have the chance to win valuable prizes, including home appliances, and are connected to health and wellness resources designed to promote their holistic well-being.