Powerful Woman

Powerful Woman is an initiative powered by Latino Connection in partnership with the PA Department of Health and the CDC’s WISEWOMAN program. 

In 2019, the Pennsylvania Department of Health approached Latino Connection to pilot a program based on the national program WISEWOMAN (Well-Integrated Screening and Evaluation for Women Across the Nation). Latino Connection evaluated, developed and executed a unique Cardiovascular Risk Prevention program targeting Latino and Black Women. The program was unique in that it equally promoted good nutrition, increased physical activity as well as building positive self-esteem; thereby decreasing the risks that lead to cardiovascular disease.

Latino Connection believes that every woman has what it takes to succeed! All they need is the tools to make it happen! POWERFUL WOMAN is dedicated to educating, inspiring, encouraging, and empowering all women to take control of their health with a focus on reaching underserved women: Latinos, African-Americans, older adults, and other vulnerable populations.

What We Did

In 2019, Powerful Woman was executed in two counties in partnership with the DOH and Pennsylvania Health Management Corporation via the Do It For Them tobacco cessation initiative. Below are the successful results for the pilot counties. In 2020, Powerful Woman is being launched in two additional counties reaching an estimated 600 additional participants!


Latino Connection held approximately 12-16 recruiting outings and/or resource table events at Reading Food Pantry and Lancaster Food Pantry locations.

  • LC Team approached and engaged over 75 women per outing
  • From those 75, recruited about 25 women who shared follow-up contact information
  • Intake surveys and measurements were even done on the spot on board Rico at many of these outings/events


Latino Connection provided a Lifestyle Program consisting of 22 weeks.

Community Health Workers (CHWs) before, during, and post-program for the following:

  • CHWs held a telephonic coaching session with each recruited/enrolled woman, in preparation for the program prior to its commencement.
  • Three to five CHWs were present at each LSP individual session to enhance quality connections with each woman
  • Weekly measurements were taken: Weight, Glucose, BPs, BMIs, etc. (One or more per session)

How We Helped