Mi Mejor Amigo/ My Best Friend

At Latino Connection, we believe that a powerful message needs to be evocative so we can truly connect and motivate vulnerable populations. We developed and curated a campaign using shocking custom illustrations, paired with succinct verbiage in both English and Spanish, to encourage viewers to seek free support via the PA Quitline. The illustrations juxtapose the joy and mirth of this toxic friendship with pain, suffering, and detriment.

Illustration by Nelson Mena

We all need a friend to lean on and to lift our spirits. A caring friend who will always be there by your side through the hard times and make you feel better.

Sometimes, that friend isn’t a person. It’s actually a cigarette. The truth hurts when you realize that your so-called best friend is actually toxic to you and the people that you love.

What We Did

Our campaign was broadcasted in two ways: over social media and on our custom digital ad screens. Our interactive digital ad screens are strategically placed in bodegas, barbershops, beauty salons, and corner stores in six cities in South-Central Pennsylvania so our messaging can reach our target audience more effectively and with more impact than a standard billboard or flyer.