Do It For THEM

DO IT FOR THEM is Latino Connection’s smoking cessation program that focuses on educating adults on the effects smoking has on children close to them.

The aim of the campaign

  • To educate adults and parents on the benefit of quitting:
    • Preventing their children, nieces, nephews, etc. from smoking in the first place
    • Money-saving to invest in the next generations’ lives
  • To prevent the onset of nicotine and tobacco use
  • To reduce societal and health burdens of tobacco and nicotine use

DO IT FOR THEM  strives to achieve tobacco control from a preventative measure as well as one of shared personal responsibility. DO IT FOR THEM aims to target smokers with statistics regarding how their smoking habit affects their children, grandchildren, young family members and friend’s children and help smokers to understand they have the power to prevent the youth from ever starting the nicotine habit.

What We Did

Facts were shared on digital screens as part of Latino Connection’s Digital Ad Displays program, a series of custom-programmed screens strategically placed in local retail venues such as corner stores, barbershops, dry cleaners, etc. in the cities of Reading and Lancaster, PA.

The educational campaign was made through small events held at various locations where parents and adults frequent: doctor’s offices, colleges, post offices, supermarkets, pet stores, pharmacies, malls, etc.

The campaign will extend to other cities in 2020, reaching and educating more people.

How We Helped

Digital Screen Reach

Number of Times Ads Were Shown: 1,055,651 times

  • Lancaster: 426,334
  • Reading: 629,317

Total Avg. Reach: 907,200 people

Per day avg: 3,360 people

Event Reach

DateEvent TitleLocationPresence TypeReach
5/16/2019Reading Phillies Baseball GameReading, PATable Event84
5/17/2019Lancaster, PATable Event121
5/24/2019Reading, PATable Event112
5/31/2019Lancaster, PACORA RV Event340
6/22/2019Lancaster, PARico RV Event125
6/29/2019Lititz, PARico RV Event110
Total Reach892


  • 2020 AVA Digital Award Platinum Winner
  • 2020 Davey Gold Award – Social Campaigns & Series: Health and Wellness