Saludable y Sabroso Cookbooks

Health Partners Plans wanted to develop a cookbook and healthy choices guide for individuals and families to learn from. They wanted to share healthier recipes for traditional Hispanic and Latino dishes and helpful tips to implement in everyday cooking.

What We Did

Latino Connection worked with students from Penn State University and a bilingual LDN to develop the content of this guidebook. Together, they created Latino and Hispanic dishes that are lower in sodium and unhealthy fats and higher in vitamins and minerals. They compiled ingredient substitutions and tips to help lead to healthier cooking habits. They also assembled basic health information on digestion, sleeping, diabetes, when to see a doctor, and how to approach losing weight in a healthy way. Latino Connection took this powerful content and designed the book in both Spanish and English. The book was printed and distributed digitally as well.

How We Helped

Health Partners Plans was able to successfully distribute over 3000 cookbooks at self-hosted and community-based events in and around the Philadelphia area.