“Healthy You” Pop-Up Event Series

Targeting communities and spreading health information

A lot of times, even with a huge advertising investment in big media, the message is not received by the target market for several reasons: language, people not being able to identify with the content, or just general ad contamination (there are so many ads, they stop paying attention).

Aetna hosted a series of healthy pop-up events in partnership with Latino Connection. The end goal was to highlight health and wellness tips to members and prospective members in target zip codes. Members were engaged with educational literature, Aetna grocery tote bags and portion plates. The portion plates allowed us to engage in healthy portion size education for kid and adult meals. 


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reach Latinos in selected cities in Central PA
  • Educate community on how to live and eat healthier 
  • Increase Member Engagement

What We Did

Our bilingual brand ambassadors set up information and engagement tables at 23 neighborhood convenience locations in different cities in Central PA. We engaged with members and prospective members of all ages in their community, where they would typically buy food, or an item for their family at their local corner store of choice. We increased Aetna’s brand presence in low income neighborhoods where their members work, live and play.

How We Helped

Our team was able to engage with 1,212 people, 382 of which were Aetna members getting their questions answered or additional information, in their language. Our team gave away 1,290 branded items to support wellness like notebooks, nutritional portion plates, tote bags and brochures.