The successes of Cora in Pennsylvania did not go unnoticed! The community activation and local marketing leaders in Sugar Land, TX wanted to recreate the Cora experience for communities in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. They decided to partner with Latino Connection and the idea was born to develop a mobile unit that was customized for their region that could easily be driven into the neighborhoods, parks, and schools where their members work, live and worship.

What We Did

As part of Aetna’s 2017 advertising campaign, we executed a Houston Mobile Engagement Pilot program as an extension of our new brand vision. The mobile pilot increased brand perception in Houston, and the market responded with higher metrics compared to other bold markets. Thus, we have expanded the mobile footprint across Texas and customized it for key audiences as an element of a more robust, marketing and health solution/member experience. 

We created a customized and targeted multi-market mobile health and wellness experience that 

  • Leveraged existing mobile and brand assets
  • Extended and optimized traditional and non- traditional media
  • Amplified brand presence and sales efforts

How We Helped

The RV unit  converted into an interactive workspace where community members and Aetna customers were able to

  • Experience Aetna’s products/offerings
  • Complete health screenings with trained health care professionals
  • Enjoy health tips, fun physical activities and general wellness education

Increased favorability and consideration by demonstrating Aetna’s commitment to improving lives in our communities


  • Visitors on CORA: 4,334
  • Impressions: 2,968,560
  • Marketing Impressions Value: $2,285,791.20
  • Events: 35
  • Public & Labor: 25
  • Medicare: 7
  • Community: 7