Aetna contracted Latino Connection in 2018 and 2019 to help reach their members, prospective members, and community members, wherever they may be found.


Aetna’s goals were to meet current and potential members in their community and:

  • Educate them about their benefits
  • Employer them to advocate for and take control of their health
  • Identify ways to live healthier lives
  • Offer health screenings free of charge (BMI, blood pressure, glucose, HIV, flu shots, etc…)
  • Attend a healthy workshops, engage with providers and community organizations, utilize resources such as hotlines and MediTrackers

What We Did

Latino Connection purchased, and leased the mobile experiential unit to Aetna. The unit’s interior was designed and includes four smart high definition televisions, a Nintendo™ Wii Dance area, Smoothie Bar, and a private meeting space. The unit is exclusive to clients and wrapped with their brand for maximum exposure. CORA is also equipped with a BioMeasure machine that measures height, weight, BMI, and body fat percentage in under one minute.

Latino Connection built a team to run CORA that consisted of a driver, a Serv-Safe Coordinator to handle the smoothie bar, and Bilingual Community Outreach Specialists that were all trained by the Aetna Community Development Team on the in’s and out’s of Aetna’s products, their expectations and the rules around functions that revolve around all health plans. Latino Connection identified over 100 events to leverage Aetna’s exposure. Latino Connection handles all event registration, logistics, parking, etc.

How We Helped

With CORA at events, Latino Connection has been prospective members of the community by:

  • Reading their BMI and offering the members an accurate measurement of their numbers.
  • Offering members an opportunity to taste a healthy but tasty smoothie to help them better understand how to incorporate better habits in their daily life.
  • Having members participate in a host of entertaining games such as Wii Just Dance, Virtual Reality Goggles, Jumbo Connect Four, Checkers, Healthy Jumbo Jenga and much more.
  • Offering opportunity cards to participants that were not Aetna members for them to call and inquire about benefits.


  • Latino Connection has developed CORA toolkits and additional marketing assets to promote initiative.
  • Latino Connection has increased Aetna’s market share in low income communities across Pennsylvania.
  • Latino Connection has ultimately pushed new enrollments to Aetna’s health care platforms.
  • With CORA being such a visible mobile unit, Latino Connection has attained over 10 million impressions while just being on the road.
  • CORA has engaged in over 200 events.
  • Latino Connection has increased Aetna’s community presence and visibility statewide.
  • Latino Connection has provided service and assistance to their Spanish- speaking members