An effective multicultural strategy relies on a deep understanding of stakeholder insights. Latino Connection™ has developed a proven methodology—the PUENTE™ strategy, meaning bridge, in Spanish—offers the flexibility to adapt to your unique environment. We evaluate every relevant aspect of your business, your people, and your environment. Then, we craft a plan to help you achieve your objectives and accelerate your growth, while helping you overcome the challenges of the constantly evolving market.


Our team conducts a thorough audit of your existing materials, systems, and resources. With your objectives at the center of our evaluation, we identify the specific needs that exist within your current strategy and situation.

We visit your site, observe your business, and interview key staff to clearly identify the communication channels, internal resources, and potential challenges.


Insight into your organization and current strategy is only a portion of our investigation. Our team also conducts outside research to gain a full picture of your existing market. We identify major competitors as well as the specific systems and strategies they use to capture the target market.

Our team combines our authentic understanding of the multicultural stakeholder with data-driven research to uncover best-practice strategies that will work best in your unique environment.


We hand pick a team of experts to customize an action plan to achieve your objectives.

Whenever possible, we engage your in-house experts and leaders to collaborate in the execution and implementation of the strategy. Our approach results in culturally inspired, stakeholder relevant, and fiscally responsible campaigns.


We identify key performance indicators to monitor our progress and measure our impact, and we tailor our implementation to a timeframe that works for your environment.

Throughout implementation, we monitor the success of our strategy, and we quickly adapt to continue to meet the changing needs of your target market and your business environment.


Education and sustainability are at the center of our mission, so we also equip your staff with the information and tools that they need to continue to build positive relationships, increase market share, and sustain long-term growth.

Our team possesses the flexibility to provide training and information in the form and pace that best suits your environment—to deliver meaningful information and secure stakeholder buy in at all levels.


Using the identified benchmarks, our team presents the success of our strategy, offering both qualitative and quantitative data to measure our work.

We include recommendations and resources to drive future success.

PUENTE™ Strategy Methodology is a registered trademark of Latino Connection™.